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the work 


I use clay that can be fired at a high temperature and the same goes for the glazes and the engobes. As a result, the pieces acquire good waterproofing and durability. All materials used are non-toxic and purchased from official representatives or directly from the manufacturers.

The production of the pieces is on a smaller scale and is carried out slower than large businesses. Due to the manual nature of the method, many of the pieces bear process marks. This brings personality and a touch of exclusivity to them.


the maker


I’m Ana Silva and I’m a Brazilian artist living in the Algarve region, in Portugal.


Ceramics came into my life in 2017. At that moment I was so excited that I told myself that this was what I wanted to do. But I postponed my dream thinking that at the right time I could dedicate myself to ceramics.

The right moment came in 2020. Now I have a small atelier where I spend hours working with care and attention on my pieces.

I hope my work can offer serenity, providing opportunities for contemplative moments during restless days.

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